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The Best investment
Promoted and backed by more than 1,800 hectares of Gold mining rights

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TrueGold Wallet
The TrueGold Wallet is a multi token and currency wallet that allow person to person transactions and payments. Soon we will have Credit and Debit Cards linked to the wallet.
Available soon!!

TrueGoldCoin is backed by REAL GOLD

TrueGoldCoin is the best investment !

We hold titles for more than 1,800 hectares of mining rights.
We issue a crypto coin, backed fully by proven and probable gold reserves.
We will never issue more tokens than 10% of the calculated value of our gold reserve.
Founders and administration will keep 15% of initial tokens. They will be restricted for a period of time.
Best of both worlds:
Backed by real value, not political promises.
Deregulated environment allowing individuals to decide, instead of governments. 

Certificate of Concesion
Geographical Information

Crowdsale / ICO

Standard price 
1 ETH = 100 TGC

Now ICO discounts, up to 30%

Terms & Conditions


Transfer ETH to the TGC Crowdsale Smart Contract Address and you will receive back the TGC tokens at once !


You can send ETH from any Token compatible wallet like TrustMetamask, Mist, etc

If you:
* Want to be a registered buyer
* Have a non Token compatible wallet like Coinbase, Exchange
* Want to invest using US Dollars please
use the alternative investment ways:

ICO remaining time

Remaining Time


You can manage TGC from your mobile phone


Fully compatible mobile TGC & Ethereum Wallet
Hold, receive and send TGC from your Android or iPhone mobile 


Where to trade TGC

Coming Soon !!


TrueGoldCoin is Ethereum based

The Etherereum platform and blockchain is the most reliable existing blockchain and is supported by the Ethereum Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland

Addresses & Contracts

TrueGoldCoin Ethereum Account Address:
( you can send ETH here, but let us know by email )

TrueGoldCoin Crowdsale / ICO Smart Contract Address: 0x7B1D45b747f7E28724d4b32B40Dd07Dc3665cE69
( you can send ETH here from a Token compatible Wallet and will receive TGC back at once )

TrueGoldCoin Token Smart Contract Address:
( you can check the smart contract here, please don't send ETH here )

How much is it worth ?

To value the proven and probable gold reserves of our concession, we have to use some standard information as follows:

Some Assumptions:

Gold has a 100% value when it is deposited at a bank
It has a 60% to 99% of the value when it has been extracted at the mine and goes through the entire process of transporting, melting, refining and exporting. It has a value of10% when it has not been mined yet (our case). We have 1,800 hectares of mining concession

Some Data for the Calculation:

Alluvial Zone is from 0 to 10 meters deep. Alluvial Tenor (content of gold per ton of alluvial dirt) = 3 grams. Density of Alluvial dirt: 2.5 tons per cubic meter. 1 million grams of gold equals to 1 ton. 1 ton of gold at today’s market price is about $60 million


Grams per cubic meter: 3 x 2.5 = 7.5 grams. If we dig 10 meter = 18,000,000 (M2) x 7.5 (grams/ton) x 10. Meters = 1,080 tons of gold. At today’s gold price $60 million per ton, it will be worth about $63 billion. Since it has not been mined (apply 10% of value) = About US$6.3 billion 

TGC Token Allocation

Initial Token Issue


Initial Token Issue:  10.000.000 (10 Million)

All participants of the system will have the opportunity to use TGC tokens to pay for the services available in the system, which will ensure the liquidity of the TGC token from the real sector of the economy.

After the pre-ICO and the main stage of the ICO, tokens will be released into free circulation on the exchange of crypto currencies, and early buyers will be able to take their profits by selling tokens in the market.



Founders & Team







December 1, 2017                           

TrueGoldCoin Crypto Launched

The full operational service launches

February 15, 2018


Pre Initial Coin Offering is launched, up to 40% discount

March 1, 2018


Initial Coin Offering is launched, 2018, up to 30% discount

Core Team

Experienced, globally minded professionals

Enrique Pallares


Eduardo Chapeta


Omar Hraste


Ignacio Munarriz


Ricardo Espeche


Spin Offs



You can be a TGC distributor, please download the
TGC Distributor's Package
and contact us

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