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Ethereum Crowdsale

You have an Account or Wallet where you can add additional or custom tokens or WITH control over your Private Key File like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger.

TGC - ICO Smart Contract Address: 


Transfer ETH to the TGC Crowdsale Smart Contract Address and you will receive the back the TGC tokens at once !

Set Gas Limit to 250 000 (during high-load network)
Set the gas price at 60 GWEI (during high-load network)
Minimum 0.1 ETH




1 ETH = 100 TGC

Crowdsale is Live / ICO 40% ends in:

Remaining Time

Discount Schedule

Daily at 00:00:00 UTC

From ToDiscountPrice
February 1February 1140%1 ETH = 140 TGC
February 12February 1830%1 ETH = 130 TGC
February 19February 2820%1 ETH = 120 TGC
March 1March 3110%1 ETH = 110 TGC

TGC Token Allocation


Initial Token Issue:  10.000.000 (10 Million)

All participants of the system will have the opportunity to use TGC tokens to pay for the services available in the system, which will ensure the liquidity of the TGC token from the real sector of the economy.

After the pre-ICO and the main stage of the ICO, tokens will be released into free circulation on the exchange of crypto currencies, and early buyers will be able to take their profits by selling tokens in the market.



Founders & Team







By participating in this fundraiser I agree to the terms and conditions and confirm that I am not a citizen of the USA or Hong Kong


Ethereum New Account

You have an Account or Wallet where you CAN NOT add additional or custom tokens or WITHOUT control over your Private Key File like like Coinbase, Poloniex etc.
Fill the following form and Transfer ETH to the TGC Crowdsale Account Address and in 2 USA working days we will provide you by email a new Ethereum Account with the TGC
Minimum 2 ETH
TGC Crowdsale Account Address:


You have any Bitcoin Account or Wallet.
Minimum 0.1 BTC


You can invest doing a bank transference.
Minimum USD 1,000.-

Credit/Debit Cards

You can invest using your credit or debit card by PayPal
Minimum USD 1,000.-

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